Playing Gooseberry

August traditionally marks the start of the silly season so in that spirit…..We’ve  all  heard of tulip mania in the mid-17thc and most will know … Playing Gooseberry

Jordbruk prioriteras inte

”Det är bedrövligt att vi som enda land i Västvärlden saknar en särskild minister för jordbruksfrågor”, skriver lantbrukare Börje Berntsson i det här… Jordbruk prioriteras inte

BILL WARNER: Censorship: A Personal Story

Ursprungligen publicerad på The Way of Reason:
I find the biggest shift of thought in my 80 years of life is censorship. I want to share with you my personal experiences. Let me clarify my methodology. All Islamic political and religious doctrine is found in 3 texts – Koran, traditions of Mohammed (Hadith) and life…

Lögner i köttdebatten

”Om åtgärder man vidtar inte har någon verklig påverkan, utan bara är symbolpolitik, då är det de meningslösa att genomföra. Man kan inte tvinga … Lögner i köttdebatten

Lord Edward’s a-maze-ing portrait

Ursprungligen publicerad på The Gardens Trust:
Lord Edward Russell 1550-1572 Discussing this Elizabethan portrait in a lecture recently  I found myself describing the image in the background sometimes as a maze and sometimes a labyrinth and wondering if there is any difference between them?      In any case what on earth is the maze/labyrinth…

Ovum Phoenicis

Ursprungligen publicerad på The Way of Reason:
As the wildfire of global communism spreads?around the globe and has already engulfed not only the European so-called Union, which happened long ago, but also, with the installation of a?Manchurian Candidate, the United States of America, many of us who still value life, truth, honesty and achievement wonder…

Utan rubrik Mr Global is coming to take you away!

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